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"You Moved" is an audiosonnet written and performed by Anthony J Fuchs.

The poem was posted to YouTube on 29 August 2009, and is one of the so-called Pregnancy Sonnets along with "128" and "You Are the Sum."


Upon a screen of shifting black and gray
a grainy static silhouette appeared,
and as we watched the clinical survey
a terrifying bout of panic neared.
We waited for the doctor to supply
some indication of your circumstance,
but no one spoke as seconds thundered by,
and silence filled the infinite expanse.
Your mother held her breath; I held her hand;
that figure held us all until it proved
that it was safe and sound. I couldn't stand
to see you lie so still. And then you moved.
You squirmed; you kicked; you twisted to the side;
and all our fears were scattered as we cried.


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