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Woodrow Sykes (b. 2 Jan 1898) is a poet who wrote I Am.

Sykes was born in Prophecy Creek, Pennsylvania, and attended Prophecy Creek High School from 1912 to 1916. He was one of three students who founded the student newspaper, the Creek Reader, during his senior year.

He served in the United States Marine Corps during World War I, and fought at the Battle of Vittorio Veneto in November of 1918. Sykes left the military in 1919, settling in Treviso, where he met and married Isabela Salerno, with whom he had three children: Bianca in 1921, Monica Sykes in 1924, and Gabriel Sykes in 1926.

Following the signing of the treaty between Italy and Germany in October of 1936, Sykes moved his family back to the United States, returning to Philadelphia and taking a job as a journalist for the Daily News. While working for the newspaper, Sykes also began writing poetry, and in 1946 he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. He was later named the state poet laureate of Pennsylvania in 1979.

In the Summer of 1994, Sykes published an 216-page epic prose-poem entitled I Am in the small-press journal Strophe. In January of 1998, the Creek Reader ran a special retrospective Student Spotlight article, written by Michael Everett, on Sykes.