Winsome Aconia "Winnie" Donne is the daughter of Angelia and Warren Donne, a resident of Prophecy Creek, Pennsylvania, a student at Prophecy Creek High School, and a member of the Creek Reader staff. She shares her middle name with a 4th Century aristocratic Roman woman, and her surname with a 17th Century English poet.

After graduating from high school, Donne attended Bryn Mawr College from 1998 to 2002, earning a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice before joining the Prophecy Creek Police Department in September of 2002. She worked in patrol until December of 2011, at which time she took and passed her detectives exam and joined the Major Case Unit under the mentorship of Lysander Michener.

During the Winter in 2012, she became a technical advisor on the Showtime series Red City, providing series co-star Amber Chandler with procedural experience. On 7 August 2015, she served as primary investigator for the first time, running the investigation into the death of Grace Brennan.

She drives a black 1992 Jeep Comanche.


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