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"Unending Theme" is an audiosonnet written and performed by Anthony J Fuchs.

The poem was posted to YouTube on 7 November 2009.


This simple band of gold I give to you:
you've heard me claim I don't believe in Fate,
but now I think you know that's not quite true;
if so, how could you be my Chosen Mate?
I can't be perfect. This you always knew;
perfection is a fickle, fleeting dream.
But You-and-I can build a perfect bond,
a union that defies this mortal scheme,
and write our epitaph, here and beyond,
in lines that follow Time's Unending Theme.
A perfect love; to know and understand.
I once proclaimed "a circle is the key."
A perfect circle; take this golden band.
One ring entwines two hearts eternally.