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Stanzas is a seven-volume collection of poetry written by Sebastian Hunter.

The collection includes 19,894 stanzas of poetry, each of which consists of five lines. The first four lines of each stanza are composed in iambic pentameter with a rhyme scheme of a-b-a-b, while the fifth line includes just seven syllables, and does not rhyme. Stanza No. 9,247, for instance, reads:

Upon that timeless island's bloody sand
Where April skies, by raging light, are split
Those sentries to the south, four brother stand
bound by a truth unknown and infinite:
          The only truth that matters.

The first volume of the collection includes 2,786 stanzas (1 - 2,786), the second contains 2,884 (2,787 - 5,670), the third contains 2,744 (5,671 - 8,414), the fourth contains 2,856 (8,415 - 11,270), the fifth contains 2,814 (11,271 - 14,084), the sixth contains 2,828 (14,085 - 16,912), and the seventh contains 2,982 (16,913 - 19,894).