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"Rage Against the Dying" is a novelette written and independently published by Anthony J Fuchs.

The story is a redrafting of the plot of a story previously written by Fuchs under the title of "Rhymes With Tape," and was published along with that story at Smashwords and through the Amazon Kindle on 27 July 2012. The author describes the publication concept "as a sort of literary 'before-and-after.'"

The story's title is borrowed from line 3 (and 9, and 15, and 19) of Dylan Thomas's 1951 poem "Do not go gentle into that good night."


When Gabriel Hensley learns the horrible truth about his wife's traumatic past, he hurls himself into a deadly mission to find the man responsible and exact his own terrible revenge. But when he finds much more than that, he'll have to face a much deeper darkness in order to save not only his own life, but the life of a complete stranger.