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"Priceless Bastard" is a forthcoming audiosonnet written and performed by Anthony J Fuchs, and is the first track of the Germanic Depressive collection.

The title refers to the Latin origin of the name Anthony, meaning "priceless one," and the fact that the author was conceived out of wedlock.


I'm resigning, after thirty-nine years,
to redefine this reckless storyline,
to undermine the fear that interferes
with my career and home. My asinine
behavior needs to disappear: my wife
and daughter shouldn't have to tolerate
or navigate through my chaotic life.
I only ever overcomplicate
the most straightforward episodes when I
generate more words until they collapse,
dissipate, and no longer signify
a comprehensible meaning. Perhaps
an existential midlife crisis might
begin to set this priceless bastard right.

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