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Michael Everett (b. 21 Oct 1980) is the grandson of John Everett, the son of Janice Everett, and the brother of Regina Everett. He is a native in Prophecy Creek, Pennsylvania, a resident of Perennial Drive, and a student at Prophecy Creek High School.

Everett was born during Game 6 of the 1980 World Series, in which the Philadelphia Phillies defeated the Kansas City Royals to win their first World Series in franchise history.

In late August of 1994, Everett arranged a pick-up baseball game after the Major League Baseball World Series was cancelled. The game ran 42 innings long.

Everett attended Temple University's School of Media and Communication from 1998 to 2002, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism before going to work for the Wenro County Register in November of 2002. During the Spring of 2005, he was offered a position with the Queen City Recorder in Charlotte, North Carolina, and moved there with Amber Chandler; the two married in July of 2005.

He drives a black 2005 Ford 500 Limited.