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Lysander Michener (b. 1954) is the husband of Helena Michener, the father of Phil Michener, and a detective with the Prophecy Creek Police Department.

He attended Prophecy Creek High School from 1968 to 1972 before attending Wenro County Community College and earning an Associate in Applied Science in Criminal Justice in 1974. He joined the Police Department in November of 1974 and worked in patrol until March of 1983, at which time he took and passed his detectives exam and joined the Major Case Unit under the mentorship of Nathan Kelerick.

In his first case as a detective, he investigated the death of an unidentified man found on the balcony of room 16 at the Gateway Motel. In December of 2011, Michener was assigned to mentor Detective Winsome Donne when she joined the Major Case Unit.