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Leander Brightwise is a human Battle Smith Artificer and Faerûnian adventurer played by Anthony J Fuchs in Battle of Blood and Bone.

He accompanied along his travels by his Steel Defender, a clockwork hummingbird named Buzz.


Leander is the youngest of the nine children of Syndor Livingston, and the sibling of Cassandra, Ygraine, Florian, Tacitus, Roxandra, Galerius, Megara, and Astrophel Brightwise. Growing up, he was kept largely oblivious to the criminal and occasionally demonic dealings of his family, but when his father died under questionable circumstances, several of his siblings scrambled to seize power, and Leander used the chaos to flee the country. Making his way in the world on his own, Leander invented the name of Brightwise to distance himself from his lineage.

Battle of Blood and Bone[]

Stopping off in a tavern while visiting a small town and in need of some quick funds, Leander agrees to a pitfight with a Tiefling brawler; the two trade blows until Leander incapacitates his opponent with a burst of energy from his Shocking Grasp. The two are healed by a house cleric, and Leander collects his winnings at the bar, where he is approached by Sergeant Haskill of the town guard, who offers him a job investigating a nearby town that hasn't been heard from in nearly a month.

Leander enlists a party including Luxodon Fighter Aboukir, Half-Orc Druid White Claw, Elven Rogue Aiofe, and Dragonborn Barbarian Shamash, and they negotiate a price of 250 gold each for their services. They pick up provisions from the townguard and set out for the neighboring town of Torus, but are intercepted along the road by a group of bandits who demand payment for passage; in the ensuing skirmish, the party kills four of the bandits and scare off the remaining three, after which they discover another victim that the bandits had attacked. Before dying, the man admits that he had previously visited Torus, where he had sold an item to a child without knowing what the item was truly was.

The party makes camp for the night, then presses on to Torus, which they find entirely deserted except for one boy alone in a building near the edge of town, holding a black mask in the center of a summoning circle. Aboukir incapacitates the boy, and the mask reveals itself to be a Blood Elemental, while the boy reveals itself to be a Bone Demon; the party becomes trapped inside the building, stranding Aiofe outside alone to face a Gauth. Aboukir destroys the Bone Devil, White Claw destroys the Blood Elemental, and Shamash destroys the black mask to banish the Gauth back to the Shadowfell.

Leander recovers the shards of the mask, and the party returns to deliver news of the events in Torus to Sergeant Haskill and collect their compensation from him.


Item From For Adventure
10 gold pieces tavern barkeep winning pitfight Battle of Blood and Bone prologue
Shards of the Black Mask Torus defeating Blood Elemental and Bone Devil Battle of Blood and Bone
Redbook of Torus Torus defeating Blood Elemental and Bone Devil Battle of Blood and Bone
2 claws Bone Devil defeating Blood Elemental and Bone Devil Battle of Blood and Bone
3 teeth Bone Devil defeating Blood Elemental and Bone Devil Battle of Blood and Bone
250 gold pieces Sergeant Haskill investigating Torus Battle of Blood and Bone