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"Image in a Dream" is a Shakespearean sonnet written by Michael Everett, and inspired by Amber Chandler.

The poem is a revised version of Sonnet VII; a further-revised version, titled "Fleeting Image," was submitted to Orchards Poetry Journal in April of 2020.


Is she a fleeting image in a dream,
With gentle russet curls and pastel lips?
Are these infatuations what they seem,
Or pretty words produced by fingertips?
She is the shadow of my beating heart,
The echo of my otherworldly soul.
But everlasting midnight tears apart
This delicate mirage that keeps me whole.
I called to her in this unspeaking voice;
I searched the endless darkness for a trace.
And finding none, I made the only choice;
To search eternity, and find her face.
For I am not at all what I would seem.
I'm just a fleeting image in her dream.



An audiosonnet version of the poem was performed by Anthony J Fuchs and posted to YouTube on 24 August 2009.