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Germanic Depressive is a forthcoming concept album of audiopoetry to be written and recorded by Anthony J Fuchs under the pseudonym "Aufkey."

The album will chronicle the author's treatment for bipolar disorder, and derives its title from the disorder's former name of "manic depressive," as well as making reference to Fuchs's Germanic heritage and more generally the Germanic roots of the English language.

Track listing[]

The sequence will include 140 sonnets, representing the 140 syllables of a single sonnet written in pentametric decasyllable, and will consist of ten distinct sonnet crowns.

  1. "Priceless Bastard"
  2. "More Prolific Me"
  3. "My Truest Self"
  4. "What I Became"
  5. "Incessant Malady"
  6. "More Than My Sum"