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Gabriel Kelerick (b. 1894) was the father of Edward Kelerick, the grandfather of Nathan Kelerick, the great-grandfather of Vincent Kelerick, the second-great-grandfather of Ben Kelerick, the third-great-grandfather of Edmund, Orlando, Regan, Duncan and Cordelia Kelerick, and a resident of Prophecy Creek, Pennsylvania.

He pitched seven seasons for the Prophecy Creek Islanders from 1910 until 1917. He is believed to have thrown a perfect game against the Auburn Doubledays with just 54 pitches at some point during his career, though the exact date of the feat is unknown.

He joined the United States Marine Corps in the Fall of 1917 and fought in World War I, taking part in the Battle of Belleau Wood in June of 1918. He is missing in action, and presumed dead.