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Dharwyn Starsgard is a human Paladin and Faerûnian adventurer.


Having lived at a temple high in the Farwest Mountains for as long as he can remember, Dharwyn spent years learning the fighting style of the Blessed Warrior as a Paladin of the Church of Celestian, eventually taking the Oath of Redemption and committing himself to the ideal that every creature can be turned from the path of evil with sufficient dedication. He continued training, and at the age of 27, he ventured out into the world with his fellow Celestians to spread the light of absolution, or to defeat those who refused to give up their pursuit of destruction. His values were most severely tested, however, when he and his fellow Paladins confronted the necromantic sorcerer Urian, who refused to be dissuaded, and during the battle that ensured, Dharwyn’s ally Terevor had his soul torn from his body and dispelled across the elemental planes of existence.

Dharwyn's remaining ally Benedict was then struck by a spell that compelled him to attack his fellow Paladin, who subsequently succeeded in landing the first damaging blow to the sorcerer; Urian then abruptly came to his senses and revealed that he had been under the mental control of an Aboleth and made to steal the souls of living creatures for its own master. Reeling from loss of Terevor’s soul and the compulsion to attack his ally, however, Benedict ragefully slaughtered the sorcerer without affording him an opportunity to repent or right the actions he'd been forced to commit, engulfing his body in infernal flames.

In the aftermath, Benedict frantically explained that he could feel the fracture of his Oath within his own soul, growing increasingly incoherent as he insisted that their lives and their pasts and their memories were lies. As Dharwyn failed to calm his ally's emotions, Benedict responded by casting a spell that put Dharwyn to sleep; sixty-one seconds later, Dharwyn woke to find that Benedict had fled and that he could no longer remember the location of the temple of Celestian. Rather than attempting to return, Dharwyn made his way across the continent of Faerûn, eventually encountering the drow half-elf rogue Falidus, the satyr bard Lucienne, and the high-elf cleric Armamore, with whom he adventured and gained a degree of notoriety. Eventually, the party headed north, answering a call for help from Ten Towns above the Spine of the World.

Dice Rolls[]

Session ½[]

  • Survival check 19 (15+4) through the blizzard on the road from Bryn Shander to Targos
  • Perception check 5 (3+2) to notice stray dog on the way to the Three Flags Sailing
  • Insight check 11 (7+4) to determine that Keegan was telling the truth about Garrett
  • Investigation check 2 (3-1) to determine if a small handheld mirror was made of silver
  • 1d6 roll of 1 to determine who got to choose the last room at The Luskan Arms in Targos

Session 1[]

  • Nature check 16 (17-1) along the road to Termelaine
  • Survival check 17 (13+4) along the trail to Kelvin's Cairn
  • Javelin attack 9 (7+2) during the Dwarven Valley Skirmish
  • 1d12 roll for 12 necrotic damage agains Kobold #1
  • Investigation check 19 (20-1) at Garrett's base camp
  • Perception check 5 (3+2) while keeping watch during fourth shift

Spells Cast[]

Session ½[]

  • Detect Poison and Disease to determine if Keegan's tea was poisoned

Session 1[]

  • Sacred Flame during the Dwarven Valley Skirmish (unsuccessful)
  • Toll the Dead during the Dwarven Valley Skirmish (successful)
  • Divine Sense to determine if there were any evil creatures near Garrett's base camp


Session 1[]

  • Kobold #1 (12 points of necrotic damage from Toll the Dead)