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"your moment" is a TikTok video posted by capwithoutacountry on 22 July 2021.

It is the first in the ongoing Creators & Pioneers series.


Response to @stephenloomis2: "so they would survive because of technology males invented 😂"

"Glad you brought that up. Let's discuss just some of the technology that would enable them to survive, including the computer algorithm, created in 1843 by Ada Lovelace; the modern medical syringe, invented in 1899 by Letitia Geer; electrical refrigeration, invented in 1914 by Florence Parpart; the microelectrode, invented in 1931 by Ida Henrietta Hyde; wireless transmission technology, created in 1941 by Hedwig Eva Maria Kiestler, otherwise known as Hedy Lamarr; the helical form of deoxyribonucleic acid, discovered in 1951 by the Dark Lady of DNA, Rosalind Franklin; and human stem cell isolation, developed in 1991 by Ann Tsukamoto. I'm sorry: did I step on your moment?"