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"worthy jedi" is a TikTok video posted by capwithoutacountry on 5 July 2021.


"We know that Mjolnir has been used in battle against worthy opponents, because we saw Thor swing it at Steve Rogers, who later wielded the Hammer himself against Thanos. So a worthy Jedi could certainly lift Mjolnir, but I'd argue that their worthiness would not protect them against Mjolnir. But what I really wonder is: could the Force be used to directly control Mjolnir? Because the Force doesn't discriminate against the sinners or the saints: Jedi and Sith both use it equally, so the question is whether Mjolnir can determine the worthiness of those using the Force. Given that the Force is a form of energy, not entirely unlike the energy required to physically lift Mjolnir, I would contend that the Hammer would not respond to an unworthy person attempting to use the Force to summon or control it."