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"words of men" is a TikTok video posted by capwithoutacountry on xx July 2021.


Stitch with @mata.alisya: "Them: 'God's not real. There's no proof he's real.'"

"You know, I used to be standing in that same doorway, probably around the same age you are now, thoroughly convinced that god was obviously real because all the stories that said that god was real said that god was real, and a collection of stories written by anonymous men who were thoroughly convinced that the sun revolved around a flat earth couldn't possibly be wrong about the nature of the universe. I was thoroughly convinced that those who said in their hearts there was no god were fools, so I read those stories. And I read them. And I read them, until eventually I could no longer deny that they were nothing more than the words of men who were trying, in their own sincere way, to make sense of senselessness. They needed to believe in a god, and because there were none, as Voltaire put it, it became necessary to invent one."