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"their expertise" is a TikTok video posted by capwithoutacountry on 4 July 2021.


Response to @nickbiggerstaff: "In quantum mechanics, 'observer' refers to interaction with any other particle, like a photon."

"This seems to be the consensus, and it aligns with Werner Heisenberg's early assertion that 'it does not matter if the observer is an apparatus or a human being'. About two-thirds of the comments on that previous video have come from physicists insisting that I misunderstand the material. I readily accept that, and I defer to their expertise because that is their field of formal training. It's like the reaction I have when I see someone use the wrong version of YOUR. But the rest of those comments have come from people who appreciate the philosophical notions of the Quantum Failsafe, and while I enjoy every opportunity to refine my own knowledge, I also like the idea of giving people someone that they can enjoy and think about."