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"essential service" is a TikTok video posted by capwithoutacountry on xx August 2021.


Response to @youre100right: "This is soooooooo cool. Please do another, I have mixed daughters starting college that need to inspiration!"

"Euphemia Lofton Haynes became the first black woman to earn a Doctorate degree in mathematics in 1943 from the Catholic University of America for her thesis The Determination of Sets of Independent Conditions Characterizing Certain Special Cases of Symmetric Correspondences. Marian Rogers Croak is the Vice President of Engineering at Google, and holds more than 200 patents for the methods and apparatuses necessary to facilitate Internet Protocol telephony, which deliver voice communications and multimedia sessions across Internet Protocol networks. Bessie Blount Griffin invented an electrical self-feeding device for amputees while working at the Bronx Hospital and patented part of the machine in 1948. The United States Veterans Administration rejected the invention, which Griffin subsequently licensed to the French government in 1952. Mae Carol Jemison became the first black woman to travel into space during an eight-day aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor in 1992; she later made a cameo in the 1993 Star Trek: the Next Generation episode "Second Chances," and was inducted into the International Space Hall of Fame in 2004. Kathleen Okikiolu earned her Ph.D. in mathematics in 1991 for her thesis The Analogue of the Strong Szego Limit Theorem on the Torus and the 3-Sphere, and used her doctoral work to resolve a conjecture of Peter Wilcox Jones concerning a continuous version of the travelling salesman problem before becoming the first Black person to win a Sloan Research Fellowship in 1997."