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"save your self" is a TikTok video posted by capwithoutacountry on 19 July 2021.


Stitch with @jackieloweshow: "Save yourself for marriage `cau–"

"Yeah, let me go ahead and stop you right there. What you meant to say was: 'Don't fornicate until you have legally registered your relationship with the state', which is an unexpected position for the freedom-loving folks who so vocally mistrust the government. 'Save yourself' is an artefact of the purity cult you're part of that confuses your Self with your sexual behavior, and implies that the entirety of your personality resides within your genitals. Ideally, your sexuality is only one aspect of your Self, and a fairly insignificant one at that, assuming that you or people like you haven't been historically targeted and tyrannized for it."