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"rearranging itself" is a TikTok video posted by capwithoutacountry on xx July 2021.


Response to @_some_body: "Buddy its not hard to come to the conclusion there is a creator. if there's a building it had a builder. Look around you bud. God loves you."

"This teleological argument is a perplexing one, because it is itself founded on a fundamental misunderstanding of design. The argument suggests that the existence of, in this case, a building necessitates a builder, which is correct, except that it confuses a builder with a creator. See, a builder does not create a building; a builder only rearranges existing matter into a new configuration. That matter itself is neither created, nor destroyed. Every version of the teleological argument makes this same mistake: assuming that because a thing was built, it was created. Because ultimately, the builder is also composed of matter, so the entirety of our experience is, in fact, nothing more than matter, in all of its various forms, constantly rearranging itself."