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"modern prometheus" is a TikTok video posted by capwithoutacountry on 24 July 2021.


Response to @thesunrisechick: "I also like when men say women have never written complying stories"

"As a passionate fan of science-fiction, I feel both obligated and honored to discuss one of the most compelling stories written by a woman: Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus was composed by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley in 1818, and is widely regarded as the origin of the entire science-fiction genre, and the novel also introduced the archetype of the mad scientist who is so driven by his obsession with the possibilities of science that he abandons his ethics and ultimately becomes the engineer of his own destruction. Shelley's story is something of a cautionary tale, suggesting that science only functions properly when it does so morally, and that it is at its most destructive when it does not. Incidentally, Shelley also wrote the short story 'Roger Dodsworth: the Reanimated Englishman' about a man who was specifically frozen in ice before waking decades later and returning to society, and if that happens to sound familiar, it's because she published that story 138 years before Stan Lee borrowed it reintroduce Steve Rogers into the Avengers' roster."