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"mitochondrial" is a TikTok video posted by capwithoutacountry on 28 June 2021.

The video was recorded in four parts, and features Fuchs's second use of transitions.


Response to @rihkarrdoh: "Can you explain Mitichondrial Eve & Y chromosome Adam a lot of people think we came from two people"

"As a matter of fact, I can explain Mitochondrial Eve and Y-Chromosomal Adam, because, as it turns out, on top of everything else, genealogy is yet another of my hobbies. The use of the names Eve and Adam from the Bible has only ever served to confuse the concept, so it's best to think of them as titles rather than fixed, historical individuals, sort of the like the President of the United States: a designation that passes from one person to the next.

"If you were to trace the matrilineal ancestry – that being the mother's mother's mother and so on – of every living human, you would eventually converge on a single woman. She would not be the first woman, nor the only woman of her time, nor even the first Homo sapiens woman, but she would be the most recent common female ancestor of the entire human race, temporarily earning her the title of Mitochondrial Eve.

"The same is true of the holder of the title of Y-Chromosomal Adam, but through patrilineal ancestry – that being the father's father's father and so on ‐ of every living human. But as bloodlines die out, those titles shift forward over time to the next most recent common ancestor. Our current Mitochondrial Eve lived as recently as about 120,000 years ago, give or take a few dozen millennia, and our current Y-Chromosomal Adam lived as recently as about 160,000 years ago.

"Extrapolating forward, this all means that the entire human population of, say, the year 145000 or so will be descended from an individual woman or man possibly living somewhere on Earth today, and I personally try to keep that in mind every time I interact with another human being."