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"hela" is a TikTok video posted by capwithoutacountry on 23 July 2021.


Stitch with @amulaya3337: "And don't forget Henrietta Lacks!"

"Henrietta Lacks was not a scientist or an inventor; she was not a doctor or a researcher. She never went to college, but worked on her grandfather's tobacco farm until she got married and moved to Maryland, where she lived until 1951, when she was diagnosed with a cervical carcinoma that killed her within the year. Two cell samples were taken during her treatment without her knowledge or her consent, and those appropriated cells were later used to develop this first immortalized human cell line, now known as HeLa, which remains one of the most commonly used sources of biomedical research material to this day. Henrietta's cell line was instrumental in the dvelopment of the Polio vaccine, in decades' worth of cancer research, and has even been analyzed in the zero-gravity environments of outer space. Yet Henrietta's family was not informed of the existence or use of her cells until 1975, 24 years after her death, and the entire DNA sequence of the genome was publicly published in March of 2013, again without any consent. Now, this is an extremely condensed version of Henrietta's story, which is told in far greater detail in Rebecca Skloot's book, which was made into a film by HBO in 2017."