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"forty weeks" is a TikTok video posted by capwithoutacountry on 13 July 2021.

It was Fuchs's second video on the platform to reach one million views, accomplishing the milestone in 143 hours on the afternoon of July 19th.


Response to @moiraswigwall: "That's a tucking stupid non analogy. Try again"

"Okay. Fair enough. I'm a distance runner myself, so let's see if this analogy has legs. Imagine a woman decides to run her very first marathon: she registers, and pays her race fee, and just to show his support, her boyfriend gets her a brand new pair of sneakers. She then spends the next forty weeks training on her own: getting up early every morning, running longer and longer distances, adjusting her diet and physically alerting her own body for the laborious challenge. Meanwhile, her boyfriend sits on the couch eating Doritos, smoking Morleys, and playing Minecraft. Then race day arrives, and this woman endures some of the most physically battering hours of her entire life until, after having put in forty weeks worth of work, she finally crosses the finish line. She gets her medal; she holds it for a bit; and then her boyfriend takes it and has his name engraved on it, and shows all of his friends the medal that he won for running a marathon. Because that, friends, is pregnancy and childbirth."