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"energy of the mind" is a TikTok video posted by capwithoutacountry on 11 July 2021.


Response to @shaneisskeptic: "So which has primacy? The brain, or the mind? Which one is ME?"

"I absolutely love the philosophy of self, because it is the study of one of my very favorite subjects. While I do think that the brain does give definition to the energy of the mind, I don't think that ME is either the physical brain or the energy of the mind themselves, but rather the interaction between the two. I think of ME as a sort of psychological friction between the container and its contents. Without the brain, the energy of the mind has no hardware to run on; without the energy of the mind, the brain has no hardware to run. The matter and the energy can exist independently, but only in conjunction do produce the effect of self-aware consciousness.

"Oh, and by th-- By the way: go follow Shane. He's swimming in the deep end of the thoughtpool."