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"antinouns" is a TikTok video posted by capwithoutacountry on 7 July 2021.

The video was shared to LGBT-tiktoks Tumbler on July 12th.

The comment to which the video responds includes a mondegreen with the misspelling of "heard" as "herd," implying that the collective term for a group of pronouns is a "herd of pronouns."


Response to @tea_and_kophey: "you've herd of pronouns, get ready for antinouns." (19 June 2021)

"First of all: you posted this comment almost three weeks ago, and it's been lodged in my cerebral cortex ever since, so much so that I literally dug through almost fourteen-hundred comments just to find it. So thank you for that. And second of all, an antinoun should be equal in mass but opposite in charge to a pronoun, such that a collision of the two would result in their mutual annihilation and the production of any set of particles whose total quantum numbers are zero as long as energy and momentum are conserved. So while antinouns will destroy pronouns, that destruction will lead to the creation of something new and different, and if that thing's physical charges are truly neutral, then it may, in fact, be the Higgs Boson of personal identity."