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Benedetto "Ben" Kelerick (b. 2 April 1981) is the son of Rosalind and Vincent Kelerick, the nephew of Deborah and Roderigo Messina, the cousin of Juliet Messina, and the grandson of Rebecca and Roland Messina. He is a resident of Prophecy Creek, Pennsylvania, a student at Prophecy Creek High School, and a member of the Creek Reader staff.

After graduating high school in 1998, Kelerick attended Temple University, earning his Bachelors Degree in 2002 and his Juris Doctor from the Beasley School of Law in 2005.

During the Summer of 2002, he married his former high school classmate and cousin-by-marriage Helen Regan, and is the father of five children by her: Edmund, Orlando, Regan, Duncan and Cordelia Kelerick. After graduating from college, he went to work as a divorce attorney in Philadelphia.