"All Too Brief" is an audiosonnet written and performed by Anthony J Fuchs.

The poem was posted to YouTube on 15 September 2009.


Beneath this metal sky like faded chrome
nigh on the verge of bursting to the north;
returning to his parents' native home,
this hill that overlooks the Firth of Forth.
Upon this yellowed lawn in Meadowbank,
draped by the mythic mist of April's breath;
into the Earth's still nothingness he sank,
marked by this nevermoving monolith.
Before this jagged stone engraved with care,
his name etched on its face in sharp relief;
two dates too close together to be fair,
the span that separates them all too brief.
The North Sea throws its brackish, bracing spray,
each second stretching like an endless day.


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