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"128" is an audiosonnet written and performed by Anthony J Fuchs.

The poem was posted to YouTube on 5 September 2009, and is one of the so-called Pregnancy Sonnets along with "You Moved" and "You Are the Sum."


In dim tranquility, we watched the screen
on that exciting August afternoon;
you were the greatest sight we'd ever seen,
and more, because we'd get to meet you soon.
The nurse performed another ultrasound;
determined your developmental pace
while photographing everything she found
your legs, your feet, your arms, your hands, your face.
We asked that she would leave us in suspense
and keep your gender secret from the start;
instead, she let us hear the resonance
and beating of your microscopic heart.
A vigorous one-hundred twenty-eight
that thrilled us both and justified the wait.